Saturday, March 19, 2011

You can make money fixing other peoples computers as much as $62500/yr

The US Government has reported that in 2010 we saw a 93 percent increase in web based attacks.

Then there was the report from a Internet Storm Researcher that he found a vulnerability that would allow a hacker to damage your laptop battery or maybe make it catch fire.

There have been many complaints of private pictures being viewed and removed from a hard drive.

Microsoft has stated that it may be necessary to block infected computers from accessing the internet for national security reasons.

Some Malware will remove or corrupt your MBR and prevent your computer from booting.
My ebook shows you how to replace your deleted or corrupted MBR and get your computer working again.

I have written an awesome ebook that provides the following to the Reader.

1. Shows the reader how to access the internet with absolutely no possibility of being hacked or infected. ( I know that this may
sound like a wild claim but I have tested it by going to infected websites with no infections)

2. My ebook shows you how to boot into an alternative OS in the case of a failure.

3. My ebook also shows you how to speed your computer up to faster than new.

4. My ebook also shows you how to close security holes, Ports and sytem services that you dont need and will never use but will
let any techically cognizant hacker to access your system.

5. My ebook also shows you how to diagnose and remove such dangerous items such as Keyloggers and Rootkits.

6. My ebook also shows you how to diagnose and repair all failures. an example, while your computer is running fine an
inventory of hardware is taken and if your hardrive fails my ebook arms you with the manufacturer and model number of your
hard drive so that you goto ebay and order a replacement hardrive.

I believe that the more that you can fix on your computer the better, there have been documented cases of peoples privacy
being compromised by computer repair techs,

Well known computer repair chains charge as much as $150 for removing viruses from your computer, this is all covered in
my ebook.

Microsoft has recently raised the possibility of blocking infected computers from accessing the internet, this can be
crippling to a small business that needs to access the internet to conduct their business.

My ebook will be dynamic and updated monthly so if there is anything that a reader wants covered they can ask a question
and the subject will be covered.

All of this for the low low price of $10 usd.

All of this information is in an easy to understand format, it is a picture book so if you can read ENGLISH you can
understand it.

Readers can use this information to fix oither peoples computers so a unemployed person maybe over 50 who has no hope
in the job market can start their own smalll business and make upto $62k/yr.

I will even offer suggestions on finding customers.

My ebook comes with a satisfaction guaranteed unconditional money back guarantee.

This ebook will show you how to fix your computer even if it wont boot.

This ebook will show you how to backup and restore your facebook environment

If you have not prepared to prevent a disaster and you need to restore your system, which may involve reformatting your hardrive, This Ebook will show you how to save the data from your hardrive so that it will not be lost in the restore process.

I dont believe that there is a book on the market, especially at the low price that I am asking, that gives you all the information that this ebook gives you.

I will eplain everything step by step and in terms that are easily understood, no computer experience needed.

This Ebook will be continually updated and you will receive updated information on a timely basis.

This Ebook will save you lots of money and will give you the security of knowing that a Nasty Virus, Spyware or most hardware failures will not prevent you from using you computer. It will also give you the peace of mind knowing that data and pictures will not be lost.

You will in most cases be able to repair your non working computer yourself without spending lots of money, waiting for someone else schedule and also knowing that information on your computer will be private.

You will also be protected from people that try to steal information from your computer which is commonly called phishing.

You will be protected from software called Key Loggers which allow other people to spy on your every action on your computer.

This ebook will also show you how to make money fixing other peoples computers.

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